Columbia's official release date for Bringing It All Back Home is 29 March 1965; this can be seen (amended from 22 March) as SHIP. DATE on Columbia's original release card for the album; the front side of this card is reproduced in the media-carrying book of The Cutting Edge 1965-1966, Collector's Edition.  However, also reproduced on the same page of this book is a pale blue 'Album Copy and Mastering' document, and the date given here is APRIL IN STORES. So Monday 29 March was when boxes of albums were scheduled to leave Columbia's pressing plants; there would then inevitably be an interval for the distribution process before the records were put out on the racks in stores; as a rule this happened on a Monday in those days.

The first mentions of the album in the American music trade press were in issues dated 17 April 1965 but published a week earlier on 10 April. Billboard listed it among the New Album Releases, and Music Business in its Album Picks.  These appearances would normally suggest a release date of Monday 12 April. Furthermore, no trade reviews of the album appeared until journals published the following week (Billboard, Cash Box and Record World, all dated 24 April but published 17 April).  This is a further indication that the album didn't actually appear in the shops until Monday 12 April. [Thanks to Mark Teehan for information.]

Release Card for Bringing It All Back Home (Side 1)

Album Cover Copy sheet for Bringing It All Back Home