The most urgent change required was to "4th Time Around": the 16 June overdub of a new drum track had been done just too late to be included in Robbie Robertson's stereo mix, so the stereo album had been released with the unwanted keyboard still present on this track. See the discussion of this song in Part II.

The detailed nature of some of the revised editing points strongly to the direct influence of someone involved in the original recording.  It doesn't seem likely, for example, that a staff engineer would take the decision to delete specific phrases from Jerry Kennedy's lead guitar playing on "Visions Of Johanna". 

However, one person who doesn't seem to have been involved in the remixing is original producer Bob Johnston.  When questioned in the late 1990s about the stereo mixes of Blonde On Blonde, he was clearly under the belief that the original mix was still the one in use - and by 'original' he may even have meant the stereo mix that he had overseen in Los Angeles back in April of that year.

The notion that the initial US stereo edition contains Robertson's mix gains some support from the matrix numbers of US pressings - see Appendix B.