However, the Simply Vinyl release should be approached with caution: at some point the company re-pressed the album, and later copies contain neither of the stereo vinyl mixes but rather the content of the first, heavily abridged CD mix (discussed under CD Releases); this second pressing is really only of any value for its large format sleeve featuring the original photographs (see the section on Album Sleeves). 

The early Simply Vinyl copies containing the original stereo mix show evidence of some damage to the master tape from which they were produced: in the first verse of "I Want You", where Dylan sings " . . . refuse you / The cracked bells and washed out horns", it sounds as though the tape has been chewed up, and even as if someone else's muffled voice has somehow got dubbed onto the right hand channel.  Possibly this is why Simply Vinyl decided to re-cut the album.  Alternatively, the revision could be the result of intervention by Sony, someone there having realised that Simply Vinyl were using a previously withdrawn mix. 

The abridged CD mix also appeared around the same time on a coloured vinyl pressing from Globus International in the Czech Republic, so perhaps it was Sony Europe's standard practice at that time to give this version to anyone wanting to issue a vinyl edition under licence.  Or perhaps the Czech pressing was not licensed at all.

Sony themselves used this abridged version for the album's European MiniDisc release (Columbia MD-66012).