Late pressings of the 'original' US CD edition (CGK 841) have been found to contain the Brauer remix rather than the 1987 Tim Geelan mix.  This has so far been reported in relation to copies with the matrix numbers DIDP-070406-11, DIDP-070406-12 (bought in 2001) and DIDP-070406-13.  The only unusual thing about these CD pressings is the relatively low volume of the music, which peaks at only 70.7% of maximum.  When the hybrid SACD was released in 2003, the CD layer peaked at 99.8%.

Sony also started around this time to use the new mixes for Blonde On Blonde tracks included in Dylan compilation albums.  The Best Of Bob Dylan Vol. 2 (2000) featured "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" and "I Want You", and The Essential Bob Dylan (2001) had "Just Like A Woman" and "Rainy Day Women" again.