The 2004 single-CD "remastered" jewel case editions introduced some international differences once again. In the UK the package looks externally pretty much like the hybrid SACD - Dylan's picture is sideways on the front, and the spine and back continue the lower part of the same photo.  There is no track listing except inside the booklet. One of the new Schatzberg photos from the hybrid SACD is used under the transparent CD tray, and the booklet is practically identical to that used in the hybrid SACD edition.  Ironically, this means that the current UK edition includes none of the album's original inside sleeve photos.  The US edition, which came out a month or so later, put Dylan's head and shoulders vertically on the front as per previous CD editions, but introduced a completely new colour photo and layout for the back, including a track listing. The tray photo is the same one as used in the UK CD. and the booklet (only four pages) has on the inside the revised seven-photo layout from the inside of the LP gatefold, and on the back just one of the new photos from the hybrid SACD booklet together with the track listing again.