Release Card front

Reverse of Release Card 

Above are the front and rear of the 'release card' for the first disc of Blonde On Blonde; the front side shows the instruction to correct the title of Band 2, Side 2 to "STUCK INSIDE OF MOBILE WITH THE" (as listed on the reverse). The correction is dated Oct 19, 1966. Presumably the first version of the card had "MEMPHIS BLUES AGAIN". Below is Columbia's Job Sheet for the Nashville recording sessions on February 14-16 1966. This shows an evident correction to STUCK INSIDE OF MOBILE WITH THE.  Curiously, "Leopard-skin Pill-box Hat" also appears to be a correction; it has always been a mystery why this track alone had its title in lower case on US record labels , exactly as it is shown here. This was true even of the very early copies that listed MEMPHIS BLUES AGAIN.

These images are reproduced from the media-carrying book of The Bootleg Series Vol.12: The Cutting Edge 1965-1966, Collector's Edition (2015).

Job Sheet for February sessions