The 2010 Mono Reissues

    Original Mono Recordings box setIn October 2010 Sony released the original mono mixes of Dylan's first 8 albums in digital format for the first time.  They are available as a CD box set titled The Original Mono Recordings, or as compressed digital downloads from iTunes, HMV etc. on a track-by-track or album-by-album basis.

    Two months later the vinyl edition of The Original Mono Recordings was released, containing fully analogue-remastered pressings of the same 8 albums.  In Europe the albums have also been released individually by the Dutch specialist label Music On Vinyl.  Both editions are pressed from metal 'mother' plates produced by George Marino at Sterling Sound, New York.  In 2015 the Music On Vinyl pressings were reissued under the Sony Legacy imprint.

    The mono reissues were produced by Steve Berkowitz and engineered by Mark Wilder.  You can read here an interview with Berkowitz and Wilder, conducted shortly before the release of the CD set and originally published in the UK Dylan magazine ISIS in late 2010.

    You can also read a review of the CD box set written for the same edition of ISIS. 


    Last updated November 2017