Columbia advertised "Like A Rolling Stone" via double-page spreads in both Billboard and Cash Box (issues dated 10 July 1965, published 3 July).  The advert's impact was enhanced by the fact that you had to turn the paper on its side to read it.  Their initial reservations overcome, Columbia had decided to use the song's extraordinary length as a novel selling point.  But after the almost 5-minute "One Of Us Must Know" had flopped in early 1966 they evidently thought better of this, and started editing Dylan's longer songs for 45rpm release; none of Dylan's later singles from this period went over the three-minute mark.

Part 1 of Columbia Ad for "Like A Rolling Stone"

Part 2 of Columbia Ad for "Like A Rolling Stone"

The same photo, by LIFE photographer W. Eugene Smith, was later used on the rear sleeve of the UK edition of Highway 61 Revisited, and (in a more tightly cropped form) on the US picture sleeve of "Positively 4th Street".