Other mis-pressed copies, both promotional and commercial,  have been identified as coming from Columbia's midwestern pressing plant at Terre Haute, Indiana; but these are relatively scarce, so perhaps their production lagged behind Santa Maria's. 

 It appears that while the pressing plants at Santa Maria and Terre Haute were sent lacquers cut with the wrong tune, Columbia's east coast facility in Pitman, New Jersey, somehow received the right song from the outset. This probably explains how the September 18 edition of Cash Box was able to include a review that clearly describes "Positively 4th Street" rather than "Crawl Out Your Window". 

Review of "Positively 4th Street" in Cash Box, 1965-09-18

This review would have gone to press around September 9-10, several days before Columbia notified radio stations of the mix-up via this letter (reproduced in the 6-CD and 18-CD editions of The Cutting Edge):

Columbia letter to radio stations, Sep 14, 1965


Billboard's review of the single, published the same week, was written in terms so brief and generic that it could equally well have applied to either song:

 Billboard Review of "Positively 4th Street"